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Should I enter the Express Entry pool if I have low score?

Yes, you can still immigrate to Canada if you have low CRS score.

You know Canada is the country you want to settle, but with your low CRS score, the chances seem low to submit your profile in the Express Entry.

 There have been rounds of invitations for a provincial nomination for permanent residency in Canada through recent draws and, the qualified score is 460 above on the CRS-Comprehensive Ranking System.

Having a low CRS score can sound disheartening but it should not discourage you from entering the Express Entry pool.

The Express Entry System Program is the flagship of Canada`s applicant system. It manages three main streams- Federal Workers Program, Federal Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

With you entering into Express Entry pool, you will be awarded a CRS score based on different factors such as age, qualification, and work experience, language ability in English or French. The points will determine the rank in the pool.

 If you meet the eligibility criteria, in the Express Entry pool, it pulls off an advantage and increases the chance of being invited for immigrating to Canada.

Some of the reasons are as follows-

  1. The variables of CRS scores are unpredictable and undetermined. What may seem for you a low score could be the chance to obtain an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence?
  2. After Entering the Express Entry pool, and scoring the CRS points, you can choose to wait for the CRS scores to drop or increase your CRS score. For E.g. you can retake the language test, gain work experience, pursue additional training, or work in Canada.If you are in the Express Entry pool and receive a job offer from an employer in Canada, your CRS score increases to receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.
  3. Express Entry Program is the main applicant management system for Canada immigration. It manages three main streams and is a part of broad national and provincial streams that provides many other pathways to skilled workers for PR.

Another pathway to Canada is the Provincial Nominee Program. There are provinces and territories in Canada that nominates foreign workers and international graduates for Canada immigration via Express Entry.

If you have tried immigrant pathways and not nomination from the province, it should be ideal to try.

With Express Entry pool you are eligible for PNP, you may receive a “Notification of Interest” from a province. You will have to apply to the province and, if you are approved, you will receive an additional 600 CRS points towards your CRS score.

In the first Express Entry draw of 2021, Canada invited candidates with a CRS score of 813 with a provincial nomination and received extra 600 points in the total CRS score.

It clarifies that the candidates invited for the round will need a CRS score of 213 for their human capital.

Hence, if your CRS score does not meet the criteria for Federal Immigration Programs, it can be enough for Canada`s provinces that can lead to immigration to Canada.

It is worth mentioning that the new 2021-2021 Immigration Levels Plan is to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants per year. Out of those, 110,000 are set to arrive through the Express Entry System. To meet these targets, Canada will have to issue numbers of immigrants and low CRS scores in the future draw.

So, if you are soon planning for Canada, it may be the right time to enter the Express Entry pool with a low CRS score.

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