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Quebec immigration application changes for 2021

Fees for MIFI services are increasing by 1.26% effective today.

In effect from January 1, 2021, Quebec will increase its immigration processing fees.  The changes are based on the annual change on the Consumer Price Index and increase a very year. 

The following are the list of fee changes for Quebec immigration- 

  1. The fee for the principal applicant as a Skilled Worker has increased from $812 to $822. 
  2. The fee of each family member accompanying increased from $176 to $174. 
  3. The candidate getting a job offer or assessing the effects of the Quebec labour market change has increased from $202 to $205. 
  4. The Quebec investorsQuebec entrepreneurs and Quebec self-employed workers, the fee have increased respectively, $15,763 to $15,962 and from $1,099 to $1,113 for the last two categories. 
  5. Temporary workers and foreign student application have increased from $202 to $205
  6. The Comparative Assessment for studies outside Quebec has increased from $121 to $123.

The above mentioned are the fees for the processing application to immigrating to Quebec. The applicant may require to pay other fees for other steps in the process, such as language tests or the cost of the documents. 

More changes coming on the year 2021- 

Quebec also announced new changes regarding the submission of documents for foreign immigrants under the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) and International Student Program (ISP). It will be compulsory for all candidates applying under this program to submit documents electronically as, of January 26, 2021. 

ISP applicants will submit a document online through  Online application for temporary selection for studies.

PEQ applicants have to submit through online service via the Arrima portal around mid-January. All the supporting documents have to submit via the Arrima portal. 

The three new permanent immigration pilot projects also need to submit via electronically. They are- 

  1. The pilot program for orderlies;
  2. The pilot program for workers in the artificial intelligence (AI), information technologies (IT) and visual effects sectors;
  3. The pilot program for workers in food processing (FP).

Admission targets for 2021 in Quebec- 

There is a set of targets for new admissions in Quebec. It has set a target of 27,500 t0 29,300 for its economic immigration programs, which includes 24,200 skilled workers.

It also plans to invite 4,300 admissions for its business programs, which includes the Quebec Entrepreneur Program and the Self-Employed Program.

Also, 800 new admissions, for other programs and additional 10,200 new admissions through refugee, family sponsorship, and other programs.

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