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November 17, 2020BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment


Canada is aiming to process spousal applications within 12 months

Canada aims to welcome 6000 spousal sponsorship applications every month till the end of the year 2020.

The IRCC made a major announcement in the late-September to welcome the loved ones quickly as possible amid the pandemic.

Canada was targeting to welcome around 70,000 new immigrants of family members, children under the family class immigration category, and before the pandemic.

In the latest Immigration Level plan of Canada from 2020-2023, it will be set to welcome 80,000 new immigrants per year under the children and spousal category.

Who is eligible to sponsor their partner for Canadian Immigration?

Both PR-Permanent Residents and Canadian citizenship can allow their spouse/partner to obtain Canadian PR.

The applicant and the person they are sponsoring relationship should fall under any of the three categories –

  1. Spouse
  2. Common-law partner
  3. Conjugal partner

If you are a permanent resident and Canadian citizenship and you want to sponsor your loved ones, they should be at least 18 years old, can fend themselves, and are financially stable, are not receiving any assistance except in disability. If you live abroad but are a Canadian citizen and want to sponsor a loved one you need to prove that you plan to live in the country.

Eligibility criteria of Spouse For Canada Immigration-

The spouse/partner needs to fulfil the following requirements-

  1. Spouse- They must at least be 18 years old and legally married to you.
  2. Common-law partner- They must be 18 years old and have lived with you for straight 12 months.
  3. Conjugal partner- They must be 18 years old. They have been in a relationship with you for one year but cannot live with you or haven’t got married due to legal or immigration causes. For example, same-sex marriage is not allowed in your partner’s country needs to be proved to IRCC.

How to submit a sponsorship application? 

The IRCC asks to submit two applications- the spousal application and the permanent resident.

  1. Obtain an application package from the IRCC.
  2. You need to pay the application fees on the IRCC website which includes, the processing fee, right of PR fee, and the biometric fee.
  3. Mail the application to IRCC.

The standard process time of IRCC is 12 months.

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