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April 13, 2021BY Archana CN ( 0 ) Comment


How to sponsor your spouse from India?

Are you looking for a process to sponsor your spouse or relative from India to Canada? If yes, then we bring you a thorough sponsorship procedure for your loved ones. 

The IRCC- Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada have permitted to sponsor loved ones or dependent children from another foreign land. 

If you are a citizen of Canada or hold a PR cardholder status and are married to your spouse, who is an Indian. Then, you can sponsor your partner for permanent residency in Canada. 

The permanent residency for your spouse will give them the same equal opportunity as any other PR cardholder status or Canadian citizen. 

Some steps and requirements need to be fulfilled by both of you for a successful family sponsorship n Canada. 

The first eligible step is that your spouse is of 18 years of age or above. 

They have to show proof of settlements or that you are financially stable to fulfil the needs of your family, including you and your spouse. It will increase the chance of a spouse visa for Canada. 

Your spouse will be assessed based on criminal convictions and other records that allows him/her sponsorship. 

One of the vital steps to sponsor your spouse is to prove that your relationship with your spouse is honest and genuine. It is done by showing Marriage certificates along with other credentials. If you are in a common-law relationship with your spouse from India, providing a 12 monthly certificate instead of a marriage certificate.

If your documents are in other languages apart from English, you will need to provide a transition of documents to the IRCC. 

The document and certificate presented by the applicant are not satisfactory. In that scenario, the officer can ask for additional documents or schedule an interview for better confirmation. 

The officer reviewing your case is a man in power. His judgment holds executive power, so ensure to provide a reliable sponsorship file and supporting documents as much as possible. 

What you need to know about the Sponsorship process in Canada- 

The first step is to apply through the Ministry of Immigration or IRCC. 

You have to fill two application form, one for the sponsorship section and the second for sponsorship for permanent residence status. It has to be submitted together for progress. 

Also, you have to pay a family sponsorship family fee to the IRCC. 

If you live in India and is a Canadian citizen, you still have to prove the intention to migrate to Canada with your spouse. However, if you are a permanent residence in Canada and wishes to sponsor your spouse, you must reside in the country for the process. 

The estimated time for the sponsorship application by IRCC is 12 months.

For more such news and information, you can contact our experts for better guidance. 

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