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April 14, 2021BY Archana CN ( 0 ) Comment


How can you prepare for and settle in Canada when you are arriving during the pandemic?

Immigrating to a country can be exciting but stressful too. There is a lot to adjust and fix your schedule. With beautiful places to visit and opportunities to grab, we bring you tips to immigrate to Canada in the middle of a pandemic. With reliable resources and information that will make you stay vibrant. 

Key research about everything as much

It is to gather as much information about everything before packing your bags and flying. We bring you some suggestions about the place you will be calling home. 

  1. It is important to choose a province that will bring career opportunities and employment growth. The Canadian province government releases regular labor market needs job-offer, which may seem essential for you. 
  2. Each province has its own set of cultures. The weather and language preferences vary in each province. There will be a difference if you settle in British Columbia or Quebec, where the French language is dominant. 
  3. There are free resources that will help you find a decent job, food supplies, and educational institution for a better livelihood. 
  4. If you are immigrating in the middle of a pandemic, it is wise to expect a delay in schedule or isolation requirements. 

Check the IRCC- Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada site for the latest news and guidelines regarding the COVID-19. Here are a few things you need to consider before booking your tickets- 

  1. Monitor your health and get a COVID-19 certificate. 
  2. If you do not have a permanent place to accommodate, you will need to find a temporary place for the quarantine period. 
  3.  It is feasible to draft a realistic budget and extra funds. It's an important notice to bring funds if you immigrate to a country unknown and without an n employment offer. 


New residents coming to Canada will meet three Document process as soon as possible- 

1. The candidates should receive the permanent residency card, which serves as proof. 

 2. Provincial health card- This card fulfil the medical and health coverage for your check-up in future. 

3.  The Social Insurance Number (SIN) allows you to work anywhere in Canada. Access government services, etc. 

These documents are important and will help in opening a Bank account for various purposes. 

How to live in Canada with the new COVID-19 restrictions- 

Before the pandemic hit, it was easier for an immigrant to settle and interact with the locals. They could go grocery shopping and converse. But, it is now impossible due to COVID-19 and maintaining social distancing. 

The newcomers will have to be familiar with online shopping as there will be less interaction. 

During the quarantine, you will not meet with people or interact with others. You will have to or want to stock up with essential goods or supplies for daily use. 

Stay connected with us for the latest information, news, or guidelines regarding Canada PR visa or immigration. CN Immigration is the best consultant for your process. 

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