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April 15, 2021BY Archana CN ( 0 ) Comment


Canada to launch six immigration pathways for international Graduates, French Speakers, and essential workers.

Around 90 000 nominations are to issue to three streams for international student graduates, essential workers, and French-speaking candidates. 

Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister of Canada, announced on April 14, 2020, that 90 000 applicants would get permanent resident via the three streams of international student graduates, essential workers, and French-speaking candidates from May 2021. Three of the new program will ensure the settlement of 90 000, while the other three will pave for the French-speaking applicants. 

This program is for the temporary workers for hospitals, caretaker homes, or international students completing their education from a Canadian institution. 

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Canada will accept applications as of May 6, 2021, as follows- 

  1. 20,000 applications for temporary workers in health care
  2. 30,000 applications for temporary workers in other selected essential occupations
  3. 40,000 applications for international students who graduated from a Canadian educational institution

The stream will remain open till November 5, 2021. 

It applies to the 49 healthcare occupations and 95 other essential jobs in various fields. 

Both workers and international students must be proficient in either English or French, have a genuine interest in working and living at the time of the application and live in any one province of Canada except Quebec. 

Workers need to have one year of work experience in a healthcare occupation or any other pre-approved occupation. International students must have a post-secondary program within four years but not earlier than January 2017. 

The Canadian Immigration Minister did say that the move is to bounce back to increase and bring back for the reduced migration. 

The New Immigration Levels Plan of 2021- 2023 aims to welcome 1.2 million fresh applicants. In 2021. a total of 410 000 newcomers will become permanent residents. 

Canada aims to bring changes in inviting newcomers and provide PR to already residing in the country. With more than 100 economic programs for immigration, it aims to nominate temporary residents due to the travel restrictions and the international border is closed due to the Corona-virus. It will promote a broader transition in minor cities and communities to retain the workers and students. 

Express Entry Program- 

On February 13, 2021, one of the historic draws inviting 27 332 applicants in a single draw was conducted. It was by far the largest draws since Express Entry was founded in 2015. It targeted CEC candidates, who are 90 % already residing in the country. 

Express Entry Program is the top immigration system for a=processing applications for PR. It has invited CEC candidates or those who have got received nominations from Provincial Nominee Program. The draws are held every two weeks and are targeting the residents living in Canada. 

Apart from the top two immigration pathways, the Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee program, there are other federal programs. They are as the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program to gain permanent residency. 

The province of Quebec has proved to be generous towards the applicant and have issued nominations to an abundance number. However, it has run out of ideas to immigrate for permanent residency. 

Another program that invites for PR is Family Class Immigration, which is exempted from the travel restriction plan but can enter the country to fulfil the formalities for permanent residency. 

High immigration is the key to economic recovery- 

Canada has always opened its arms for immigrants to improve its demographic changes caused due to the low infertility rate. 

Canada faces a low infertility rate since 1971 and continues to face. The baby boomer generation of 9 million would be retiring this decade. 

Without a young labor force, it will face severe loss in the market. 

It is early to say but Canada aim to fulfill its plan of inviting 401 000 newcomers which have invited 50 000 in the first two months of 2021. 

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