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November 5, 2020BY Admin ( 0 ) Comment

Canada is Calling Immigrants | 400, 000 New Canada Immigrants Per Year

Great news for Canada Immigrants! Canada aims to welcome 401, 000 immigrants in 2021, 410, 000 in 2022, and 421, 000 in 2023 in its latest Immigration Plan.

Today, Canada announced its immigrant’s plan for 2021-2023. It seems to be the highest immigration plan level in the history of Canada.

For the next three years, Canada will aim for-

Download Free Red Arrow PNG Images - FreeIconsPNG 2021- 401, 000

Download Free Red Arrow PNG Images - FreeIconsPNG 2022- 419, 000

Download Free Red Arrow PNG Images - FreeIconsPNG 2023- 421,000

The Immigration Plan of 2021-2023 hopes to welcome 60% of immigrants through the economy pathways – Express Entry Program and the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).

Every year the Government of Canada announces the Immigration Plan, which is the most important announcement for immigrants. It describes the number of new immigrants as Permanent Resident and under which categories they will file for the nomination form. The categories through which Canada welcomes immigrants are– economic, family, refugee, and humanitarian grounds.

On March 12, the Government of Canada announced that they will be aiming to welcome one million new Permanent Residence between the year 2020 and 2022 but had to close its border due to the pandemic COVID-19.

As a result, Canada is likely to target 341, 000 immigrants this year, which is below the target but has held Express Entry Draws throughout the pandemic surpassing the Express Entry records.

Now, Canada is issuing an ambitious Immigration plan ever.

Why does Canada need to target a higher number of Immigrants?

Canada has one of the low birth rates and has the oldest population in the world. With 18% of the population over the age of 65 and above, its low birth rate and aging population, Canada need to cover up for its economic and fiscal impacts. The country will face severe economic issues and welcoming immigrants will help strengthen the workforce.

Canada has welcomed over 300, 000 immigrants five times in one year since its founding year in 1867 and receives 0.9% of the immigrant population, which is three times of newcomers per capita in the United States.

Canada has always been generous to immigrants. Its intake of Permanent Resident has increased in the past.

In 1913, it welcomed 401, 000 immigrants or more than 5% of newcomers, setting a record. Today, if it welcomes 5% it, would bring 2 million new immigrants to the country.


There is no doubt that Canada has seen a fewer decline in new immigrants due to the pandemic. As compared to August 2019 there were fewer than 64% new immigrants this year. This is in part due to the number of people who were approved for permanent residence but was unable to travel to Canada due to the expiration of the documents and travel restriction due to the COVID.

Canadian reports say that Immigration makes Canada a multicultural and diverse country. It makes them look good and is a positive factor in long-term economic recovery.

The public support for Immigration has increased during the pandemic revealed by the Economics Institutes. Canada is a great country and immigration has made the country more diverse and vibrant.

Source: CIC News

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