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If you are looking for modest living, skilled job opportunities, or planning to relocate to a country that has a high standard of living, Canada seems to be the ideal choice of destination to fulfil your needs. In the past few years, Canada has become the prime target for immigrants in the hope of an astute lifestyle the country offers.

One of the fastest ways to get Canada Immigrations is to apply for Canada PR- Permanent Residency as it seems to be a beneficial choice for Canada Immigration. It is a country that offers esteemed services and facilities such as free education and health care system, live, and work anywhere.

What are the professional opportunities that Canada Offers?

Change in professional growth is a must to build skill development and work experience for a better standard of living. Canada offers something in almost every profession- IT, skilled workers, businessmen, investors, public health care system, there are exceptional opportunities in every profession. There are ample opportunities that may require to fulfil legal requirements to expand your business.


The immigration PR process has changed and introduced some new pathways to get Canada PR; there are three ways to attain the Canada Permanent Residency (PR) – Express Entry Program, Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), and Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP).

Express Entry Program

Express Entry Program was founded in the year 2015 and has a selection mode of selecting skilled applicants to immigrate to Canada. In this program, candidates are evaluated based on a point score system (CRS- Comprehensive Ranking System) that contributes to the factor in increasing the selection of skilled candidates to migrate to Canada. The point calculation are listed below-

Age– The age of the candidate is 19-35 years; however, there is no age limit to migrate to Canada.

Education qualifications– The degrees/ certificates/ documents/ other important credentials are to be scrutinized and assessed by an; legitimate Canadian board, which is a governing body like WES.

Language proficiency– There are mainly two languages spoken in Canada- English, and French, out of which the candidate has to be fluent in any of the two. They are to be taken an examination of the language and score the maximum point (IELTS- International English Language Testing System).

Work experience– To attain Canada PR, the candidate has to have a decent job profile of one year from any reputed firm. Good work experience not only increases the score point but introduces employment opportunities.

Adaptability– if you have any friend/relative/ or family members living in Canada, it increases the chance and your elation score point too.

Candidates have to qualify for the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) in the Express Entry Program issued by the IRCC for the Permanent Residency status of Canada are sent an invitation to apply (ITA) which needs to be responded to within 60 days.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

if you are unable to qualify for the CRS in Express Entry Program there is no need to lose hope., you can apply for the Canada Permanent Residency status through the provincial Nominee Program (PNP).  The candidates are to meet the eligibility in this program to attain the status of Permanent Residence card.  The candidates are required to ethically stay in the province for at least two years for the PR and follow the regulations as each province has its own set of rules.  The eligibility for each Province is different at the time of each selection.

Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP)

Like the region, Quebec has its criteria for PR residency in Canada, after the candidates have fulfilled the eligibility of the province. Quebec gives importance to the language French, thus people who acknowledge it gains an advantage.  The selection point of Quebec for candidates has to undergo two stages-

  1. The certificate of a selection of Quebec should be received from the Quebec region.
  2. After attaining the CSQ the approval of the federal government is required.

What is the processing time for Canada?

The processing time for Permanent Residence in Canada can vary on different factors. It heavily depends on the candidate and the program it has undertaken to file the visa application. Express Entry program seems to be the fastest mode of Canada PR as the candidate can migrate to Canada within 6-8months or less, as said by IRCC- Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada.

Checklist of documents required for Canada Immigration-

The documents required for Canada Immigration and to attain Permanent Residence status are provided below-

  1. IELTS examination score
  2. Educational qualifications and credential documents of mark sheet and degree.
  3. Passport and photographs
  4. Medical examination certificate and Police verification clearance
  5. Updated resume and offer letter with proof of funds.

There can be some general documents that can be demanded from the Immigration office of Canada to authenticate the applicant.

CN Immigration- Best consultant across Delhi-

A Visa application is a legal procedure and needs to be followed ideally to prevent future obligations. True, we live in a digital world where with just one click we can get information and also file online for Canada PR, but having an immigration consultant can increase the selection of your process, and soon you will be flying to Canada. With CN Immigration, we aim to provide utter proficiency in service and assist in every possible way that will make your journey beautiful.

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