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A way to Canada via IRCC Authorized Consultant "Navdip Singh"

Hold our hands and get your case prepared under the guidance of Licensed Immigration Consultant Navdip Singh, RCIC R515925

In today’s day and age, immigration is one of the most popular terms, especially among the young generation. Whether it’s about economic goals or social life, people are frequently adopting the process of immigration to fulfil their dreams. Keeping in line, Canada is one of the most favourable countries in the world as an immigration destination. The country is highly rated as one of the best places to settle with multiple benefits including, government-funded free education to kids, government-funded Medicare services, growing economy, expanded job sector, multicultural society, safe environment and more.

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About — Authorized Immigration Consultant

At CN Immigration Services, in partnership with Navdip Singh, RCIC R515925, regulated immigration consultant to deal with Canadian immigration cases for different visas including permanent resident visa, tourist visa, spouse visa and more. We believe in helping immigrants. Our licensed immigration consultant has a profound professional experience as an authorized Canadian immigration representative. His profound knowledge and experience have successfully helped several hundreds of Canadian aspirants to turn their dreams into reality. So, if you are interested in immigrating to Canada, then you need an immigration consultancy like CN Immigration Services having an authorized representative to legally address your case for immigration and citizenship in Canada.

Who is an authorized Canadian immigration representative?

An authorized Canadian immigration representative can be an immigration consultant, lawyer, or any other third party which can perform the following tasks

  • Provide detailed explanation or guidance on available immigration options for Canada
  • Assist in choosing the best-fit immigration program according to the eligibility of the candidate
  • Fill out and submit the application form along with the required list of supporting documents to Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC)
  • Represent the best version of the profile of a candidate in the immigration application
  • Communicate with the immigration department or authority of Canada on the behalf of the candidate

What are the benefits of having guidance or support from an authorized Canadian immigration representative?

As compared to other countries, Canada caters liberal policies to its new immigrants; however, still, the ratio of selected candidates over the total number of applications is not so good. Among others, one of the most common reasons for rejection of visa application is taking services from fraud or unauthorized immigration consultancy. Undoubtedly, such companies are aware of the processing of applications for Canada’s immigration; however, only that is available on the internet.

So, it is advisable to all applicants that before hiring any immigration consultancy, you need to check whether the concerned person or consultancy is eligible or licensed or not to represent immigrants or to give advice on the same. The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has already offered guidelines on qualifying categories or requirements which needs to meet to be an authorized representative for immigration cases of Canada

  • Immigration consultants must be a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
  • Concerned Lawyer or notary must be a member of Canadian provincial or territorial law society
  • Paralegals (Ontario only) must be members of the Law Society of Upper Canada

“My experience with CN immigration as well as with their team was very great. My case was refused 2 times when I applied through my efforts. Firstly I thought things could be easier without help but I was very wrong. CN immigration team support helped me throughout the program as well as the attorney helped me with the detailed description of the pros and cons. I am happy that I have invested in the right place and at the right time ”

Sujata Kashyap

( Invester Canada )

“I have enrolled with CN immigration in the month of June, which means 1 week before and I applied with them and yes I am satisfied till now. I had a word with experts and he is pretty much great in explaining things. I really got all the answers with true logics. Happy to enrolled with them ”

Riddhima Arora

( Quebec Arrima )

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    CN Immigration Services does not charge a client for job, placement or a recruitment fee.

    CN Immigration Services only charges for consulting services for Immigration advice. We Do not deal in job or work permit for any country.

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