Canada Permanent Residency Visa

What is Canada Permanent Residency Visa (Canada PR Visa)?

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Canada Permanent Residency Visa is the PR Visa card through which we can be the permanent resident of Canada or the particular country for which the visa is granted for. Before, moving ahead in detail, let’s we discuss about Canada, which is known as one of the best countries to raise kids with cultural diversity, social security benefits, advanced infrastructure facilities, quality of life, etc. If we can see, Canada as an option to migrate then there are numerous Canada Jobs opportunities, Thus Canada is a great place to live and work. Also, Canada is ranked number one in quality of life.

As we all know there are multiple countries that are considered for ideal immigration destinations in terms of facilities and features, however when it comes to permanent residency not all countries meet all the conditions. Canada is on the top of the list of best immigration countries. Most of the countries are making tough rules for immigration and permanent residence policies. On the other hand, Canada also sets an example that has lenient and ideal immigration policies.

What do you mean by Permanent residency?

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A permanent resident of Canada is someone who is landing in Canada from some other country but is not a citizen of Canada. He/she will be issued a PR card of Canada.

  • There are many benefits of being a permanent residence in Canada.
  • You are free to live, study and work anywhere in Canada. That means you are free to choose your own location.
  • You will be given social benefits like education and healthcare facilities.
  • Free education for a child born in Canada till 18 years.
  • You will be served equal rights (except voting) and equal protection.
  • Pension plans for old citizens.

What are the Immigration Programs in Canada?

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The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) has launched many immigrant-friendly immigration programs to allow the quality immigrants in the country.

CN Immigration Services offers Canada Immigration and visa services for all popular Canada permanent residency options such as:

1. Canada Express Entry Visa

2. Quebec Skilled Worker Program

3. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

4. Canada PNP- Skilled Workers

5. Nova Scotia PNP


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